Making Memories: The Introduction

I have decided that since making one big post of DIY Christmas tree decorations, and then one big post of DIY Christmas decorations, such as wreaths, I’ll just do a Christmas decoration a day, starting December 1st. Since I’ve been working on a big post for about a week with nothing done, I need to begin a surplus of these posts, so I don’t get behind. This is my blogging resolution!

Some of my favourites of the ones I've found so far.

The reason I’ve called these “series” Making Memories is because why I love Christmas trees so much is because of the memories you put into decorating it. Along with a series of Disney ornaments, along with Mickey Mouse and friends bells, were a series of handmade ornaments my brother and I had made. I loved how you’d have a beautiful delicate ornament and next to it, a clumsily made reindeer. So since I have a blog about what goes in your house, why not cover the most cherished item sometimes, meaning of giving and cheer and has lots of songs about, the Christmas Tree?

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