Making Memories: Snowmen Advent Calender

I’ve always loved advents and this is the cutest I’ve ever seen from WhiMSy love!

Go buy a whole bunch of capsules from those gumball like machines, well a whole bunch as in 24. I was guessimating when I said a bunch. Separate the lids and the capsules and drill two small holes into the lid. Take string and put it through the lids, starting at the top through the bottom, attach a pom pom to the top, covering the holes with the pom pom, but not with the glue so you can adjust the capsule. Then take black paint and make dollops for the eyes and the smile and small skinny triangles of felt hot glued on for noses. Then take your capsules outside and take white spray paint to the inside and then a clear sealar to make sure it doesn’t scratch off and reveal the insides and ruin the mystery!

Then you can go fill them the little trinkets you got with them or go buy candy or fill with money and other stuff. Reminds me of plastic Easter eggs. And you’re done!

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