A Complete Nursery: Blue and Black and Cute!

I loved the idea of a black or white room with an accent color. In this room, it will be black and blue. I find of kind of girly because of the damask theme going on, even though because of gender schema, we think blue as a boy color. You could probably substitute the pattern and colors to fit the gender of your baby. I personally think if  I have a baby girl I’d make a pink and green theme. I love pink and green. With giraffe print….I think I already know how I want my puff quilt!

The thing that really made me think about blue and black theme was the quilt. This is the kind of look I would want for a nursery for a girl.

From honeybearlane.com

I love the simple color theme and the damask print. Honeybearlane.com, where I found this beautiful quilt, is suppose to have tutorials on how to make these wonderful quilts. However, I can’t find them. The only “puff” I can find is for pillows. You can only buy it which is a fine option or I’m sure you could find a pattern on Etsy, however if you look at my latest post from Crocheting Okie, Finding the Perfect Pattern, and Then…, you’d know how I feel about Etsy. So I found you two good tutorials! One from Ludlow Quilt and Sew and the second from The Olsen Family.

I love this chair! I found this on Pinterest.com and could not find who reupholstered this chair. However I did find some tutorials on DIYNetwork.com and Curbly.com. I found a lot of other good chairs that would look good. Any chair you want would work. You wouldn’t have to use the damask pattern, even though that’s the revolving theme. I’m thinking some giraffe would look good..

Tracirenay.blogspot.com took a old frame with a creepy doll…

Thank goodness the doll left!

and turned into a wall decoration!

Curbly.com use styrofoam to make wall decorations. I think you could use the same designs this group has. Alternate the patterns with your accent color. I thought it looked great with the style of everything else. The great thing about everything in this room set, is that you can change the colors and themes to whatever you want. Its totally versatile for you!

I found this wonder little painting on Houzz.com. Its another great versatile decoration. You can make the tree more complex with having a family tree with the baby’s name hanging down under the parents name. Or have the child’s name in-between two damask patterns. Or whatever your theme is.

Anita Roll modern kids I cannot find that dresser in Pinterest again. I should’ve saved it, but I didn’t. Darn. So I won’t post it because I don’t know where the heck it came from to tell you.
Well I hope you liked these ideas for a nursery. So much more could be added to this room, but I guess that’s for you later to decide!