Making Memories: Photo Garland

If you’re wanting a lot of photos to your Christmas tree, this is for you!

First you need to print out the photos. Scrappergirl by setting her template in Photoshop to a 4″ x 6″ and shrunk the photo to 1″x1.5″ to get a grand total of four photos per strips. Cut them out and attach to cardstock of your choice. Cut those strips again .

Now all you need to do is make a loop and staple it, take a new strip, make a loop through that loop, and staple. Many of you will remember this from elementary school!


Making Memories: Christmas Mesh Wreath

If you’re one for the full and whimsical wreaths then this is for you!

Now there is not a real certain set list of things you need. Just mesh (wide and narrow mesh) , ribbon, an assortment of decorations, and something to put in the middle of the wreath. The absolute necessities is a good glue gun and scissors. Because of her decorations, the red twisty thing, she required wire cutters.

First put the wider mesh on, starting at the bottom. You can do this by scrunching up a small section and wrapping a wreath branch around it.Do this about every six or seven inches. Then do the same thing with the smaller mesh. Remember, making it even is going to make it look better.
Next cut the ribbon into strips of about 14 to 16 inches, cutting the ends to make that V-shape. You will be adding the ribbon the same way you secured the mesh. make sure to spread the ribbon out. She did her’s with three ribbons a time and put seven sections of ribbon on the wreath.Then start adding all your different decorations. She used bulbs, some kind of glitter ball sticks, and red twisty stick. Use whatever goes with your theme. I think having a reindeer with some jingle bells and gold and red would be cute. The only thing I believe she used the hot glue for was the ornaments.

Now at this point we have a very full wreath. But the one thing its missing is the center piece! Attach it by wrapping the wreath around wherever is convenient. With the blog’s centerpiece, she had wire at the top so it was very easy. Depending on your center piece, you may need to use that ol’ trusty hot glue gun.

And there you have it! A whimsical wreath from Kristen’s Creations!

Making Memories: Bow Tree Topper

Tree toppers have left from the traditional star today thanks to Kristen’s Creations!

First gather all your ribbon, its simpler at first with just one or two, and and scrunch it in the middle. Now make a loop keeping all your ribbons in line. You’ll want to continue and make a look under this one. Now when you make your third, you’ll want to twist the ribbon so that as she shows, the green ribbon is one top.

Now just keep twisting and making loops, making sure the same color stays on top. When you have enough, just tie it together with wire or of the such, and fluff it out! Then you can leave it as such, or decorate as she did.


P.S. If this did not make as much sense as I tried for it to be, her website has more pictures to help.

Making Memories: Snowmen Advent Calender

I’ve always loved advents and this is the cutest I’ve ever seen from WhiMSy love!

Go buy a whole bunch of capsules from those gumball like machines, well a whole bunch as in 24. I was guessimating when I said a bunch. Separate the lids and the capsules and drill two small holes into the lid. Take string and put it through the lids, starting at the top through the bottom, attach a pom pom to the top, covering the holes with the pom pom, but not with the glue so you can adjust the capsule. Then take black paint and make dollops for the eyes and the smile and small skinny triangles of felt hot glued on for noses. Then take your capsules outside and take white spray paint to the inside and then a clear sealar to make sure it doesn’t scratch off and reveal the insides and ruin the mystery!

Then you can go fill them the little trinkets you got with them or go buy candy or fill with money and other stuff. Reminds me of plastic Easter eggs. And you’re done!

Making Memories: Ornament Wreath

Here’s today DIY, a cute wreath made from ornaments!

You’re going to need a metal clothes hanger shaped into a circle like shape, cheap Dollar General/Store/Family/Tree ornaments, and hot glue gun to make this cute wreath from Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour.

You will need to secure the metal hook to the ornament by taking it off, putting in some hot glue, then securing it back to the ornament. If you don’t, you will have a whole bunch of popped off ornaments! Then just keep adding ornaments until you get a nice full wreath. Make sure to alternate sizes and colors!

Making Memories: Jingle All the Way

This is our first not tree decoration, and man is cute!

You will need a shadow box, Blue Eyed Blessing used 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″, jingleĀ  bells of an assortment of different sizes including the tiny, a Christmas Jingle Bell vinyl, some ribbon, and scrapbook paper.

Start by putting the vinyl on the front of the box. You want to use something thing to apply it it, like a credit card. Then put the jingle bells into the shadow box via opening the back. Then put your scrapbook paper, all nice and cut to fit the box, in the back of the frame and tie the ribbon in a bow around your box. Then just shake the box to adjust your jingle bells, stand back and say a little prayer, and, Viola! There’s your Christmas decoration!

Making Memories: Handprint Snowman Tree Ornaments

Here comes the cutest little project you can do with your kids! Meet the Dubiens us this activity that’s perfect for kids!

You will need white paint and paints. Make sure not to get paint pens that run, the blogger had an issue with her’s running and had issues working with them. Put the white on your child’s hand have them hold the bulb at the bottom, with their fingers holding the signs. Then just let it dry and decorate each finger as a snowman with hats and scarves. Make your child’s little finger cute snowmen!