Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

As the majority of you know, right about now is the time people are putting up trees, especially the department stores. They’re the ones that make you wonder, how did they make it so beautiful? Well now, from The Yellow Cape Cod, I have their secrets!

Step One. Garland and Lights

It is suggest that you weave the lights over and under the tree branches, from the base of the branches to the tips. This will illuminate and give gorgeous light for your decorations.

Now this didn’t give any tips for garland, unless the

I think this method works best with ribbon but maybe with some adjustments it can work with other kinds of garland.

ribbons hanging vertically are garland. I did find some great tips on The Creativity Exchange, which also had some more great tips. It suggests that you tie the end of your garland to the back of the tree at the top, so it will stay in place. Then wrap it around to the front and stop whenever you get to a desired stopping place. Pinch the garland and take a tree branch and wrap it around the pinched area. Then fold the excess of the branch to get a L-shaped. After doing this around your tree, you can adjust the garland to make it look as you want.

Wrap the branch around like so.

Step Two. Graphic Elements

Using big items,such as snowflakes used as her example, and spacing them will create compartments. You can use these empty spaces to equally space out the ornaments on the tree.

See the spaces?

Step Three. The Ornaments

First off is the ornaments to use. Using bulbs of the same color will unify the theme. To mix it up, use different elements. A sparkly one or one with a simple design will contrast the simple glossy one, but it will fit as one unit. This will give the tree depth.

Use the bare spots in your tree to create the perfect space for your treasured unique ornaments. This will create a showcase for the ones you’ve made yourself, or ones you treasure.

One of the key things to a tree, according to the blog, is depth and balance. You can create depth by hanging ornaments deep into the tree. Trust even me, it works. It makes sense, because if all of your ornaments are all in one plane, it won’t look like there’s more to the tree, just the surface.

The key to balance isĀ  to place the smallest bulbs at the top, then the middle sized bulbs around the middle of the tree. Then lastly place the largest bulbs at the bottom.

Step Four. Hanging Ribbon

The key to getting good curls from ribbons is to let it fall from the spool. The less you try to make the ribbon look curly, the better the ribbon is.

Your Perfect Tree Awaits You!

The last few tips The Yellow Cape Cod gives us is to enjoy the process and you will get better results. If you get frustrated, just go take a break and relax.