Making Memories: Glowing Snowmen

I just love snowmen. When I was little I always made one. So of course I love this DIY decoration, from Stuff By Ash. You will need:

  • Empty milk jugs
  • Black and orange paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Yarn
  • Fun Foam
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Christmas lights

First you need to collect all the milk jug for your snowmen and then clean very thoroughly. Then cut out circles from card stock for the smile and the eyes. Make sure two of them are larger than the rest. Then cut an orange triangle for the nose. Then attach all the pieces using a  hot glue gun. Then make the cheeks all nice and rosy some paint. The paint might have some issues staying on the jug, so just spray with hairspray for good measure.

Then use some yarn and make some cute pom poms and then cut out ear muffs with some foam and attach everything together. When you cut out the back, the lights stay in better if you cut it out leaving the cut out as a flap.

Add the lights and you’re done!

Making Memories: Twinkling Vases

All you need for this Martha Stewart creation is some ribbon, white Christmas lights, and frosted glasses. Just attach the ribbon with double sided tape at the bottom of the vase and fill with the lights by loosely coiling it into it. Run the cord behind the vase so that it is hidden. Make sure to unplug it while its unattended. It has a very beautiful and serene look!

Making Memories: Wishing Spool

This is a great way to see your children’s wishes and desires change as they move in and out of phases from Family Fun.

First take a wooden thread spool, you can probably find one at Hobby Lobby or the such, and paint it to your desired color. Then have your child write want he or she wants on a strip of paper cut to fit the spool. Then wrap it around the spool using double sided tape, leaving a bit hanging off. Then thread ribbon through the hole in the spool and tie it so you can hang it on the tree. Write your child’s name and the year on a label and attach to the ribbon. Tada! There’s a list for Santa (and yourself) to see what your child wants for Christmas that year, and past years.

Making Memories: Bundles of Spirit

I have a quick and easy way way to spiff up your staircase this holiday season from (item five on the gallery on blog). Just get some branches for the back, add some evergreen branches and bright berries and use florists wire to attach together and to the banister posts. Then add some light green or chartreuse ornaments. Then tie it all together with a matching ribbon!

Making Memories: A First Christmas Ornament

This is such a cute ornament from All Events Adviser that is a perfect example of why I call these series Making Memories.

You will need a glass bulb, paint and ribbon. Make sure the paint is usable on glass surfaces. You can paint the inside, or add anything to the inside. To paint the inside, just add a small amount of paint inside and just rotate the bulb until the paint completely covers the inside. Make sure to rotate it occasionally while it dries so there is not a glob of paint dried to the bottom. You can then use paint to add your child’s hand or footprint. Then just add ribbon so you can hang it on your tree!

Making Memories: Photo Garland

If you’re wanting a lot of photos to your Christmas tree, this is for you!

First you need to print out the photos. Scrappergirl by setting her template in Photoshop to a 4″ x 6″ and shrunk the photo to 1″x1.5″ to get a grand total of four photos per strips. Cut them out and attach to cardstock of your choice. Cut those strips again .

Now all you need to do is make a loop and staple it, take a new strip, make a loop through that loop, and staple. Many of you will remember this from elementary school!

Making Memories: Christmas Mesh Wreath

If you’re one for the full and whimsical wreaths then this is for you!

Now there is not a real certain set list of things you need. Just mesh (wide and narrow mesh) , ribbon, an assortment of decorations, and something to put in the middle of the wreath. The absolute necessities is a good glue gun and scissors. Because of her decorations, the red twisty thing, she required wire cutters.

First put the wider mesh on, starting at the bottom. You can do this by scrunching up a small section and wrapping a wreath branch around it.Do this about every six or seven inches. Then do the same thing with the smaller mesh. Remember, making it even is going to make it look better.
Next cut the ribbon into strips of about 14 to 16 inches, cutting the ends to make that V-shape. You will be adding the ribbon the same way you secured the mesh. make sure to spread the ribbon out. She did her’s with three ribbons a time and put seven sections of ribbon on the wreath.Then start adding all your different decorations. She used bulbs, some kind of glitter ball sticks, and red twisty stick. Use whatever goes with your theme. I think having a reindeer with some jingle bells and gold and red would be cute. The only thing I believe she used the hot glue for was the ornaments.

Now at this point we have a very full wreath. But the one thing its missing is the center piece! Attach it by wrapping the wreath around wherever is convenient. With the blog’s centerpiece, she had wire at the top so it was very easy. Depending on your center piece, you may need to use that ol’ trusty hot glue gun.

And there you have it! A whimsical wreath from Kristen’s Creations!

Making Memories: Sassy Juice Top Photo Ornaments

Today’s is another fun photo ornament from The Crafting Chicks!

You will need..

  • Metal juice can top from frozen juice cans, two for each ornament
  • Circle design photos(will show a picture of example below), she used for digi scrapping and used the designer Creativity by Crystal.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon

The front of the ornament will be the photo and the back will be a description of that year or person.

First cut out the front and back of your circle and use the mod podge to glue the front and back to two different juice tops, and put a layer of mod podge to seal the photos. While you’re waiting for those to dry, just attach some ribbon to let you hang it from the tree by using hot glue the ends to the inside of one of the tops. Once everything is dry put hot glue inside one of the juice tops and squeeze the two corresponding juice tops together really well. And there you have it! Cute ornaments!

Making Memories: Photo Christmas Ornament

Today’s DIY ornament is certainly full of memories because it includes pictures!
First you will want to print off whatever script you want and your photos in a way like below on 6 x 4 photo paper, which the tutorial from Scrappergirl does not give how to get into a photobooth strip. Maybe its easy and I’m just not technology savvy.

You will then want to cut them into 6 inch long strips and put the strips into an asterisk shape, making there is a strip across from each strip, like shown below. You will put a brad in the middle, holding each stripThen fold the pieces and connect them to a ball shape, taping and or stapling the bottom together. Then just add ribbon and the such to the top and Presto! You have a beautiful ornament!