Making Memories: Photo Garland

If you’re wanting a lot of photos to your Christmas tree, this is for you!

First you need to print out the photos. Scrappergirl by setting her template in Photoshop to a 4″ x 6″ and shrunk the photo to 1″x1.5″ to get a grand total of four photos per strips. Cut them out and attach to cardstock of your choice. Cut those strips again .

Now all you need to do is make a loop and staple it, take a new strip, make a loop through that loop, and staple. Many of you will remember this from elementary school!

Making Memories: Snowmen Advent Calender

I’ve always loved advents and this is the cutest I’ve ever seen from WhiMSy love!

Go buy a whole bunch of capsules from those gumball like machines, well a whole bunch as in 24. I was guessimating when I said a bunch. Separate the lids and the capsules and drill two small holes into the lid. Take string and put it through the lids, starting at the top through the bottom, attach a pom pom to the top, covering the holes with the pom pom, but not with the glue so you can adjust the capsule. Then take black paint and make dollops for the eyes and the smile and small skinny triangles of felt hot glued on for noses. Then take your capsules outside and take white spray paint to the inside and then a clear sealar to make sure it doesn’t scratch off and reveal the insides and ruin the mystery!

Then you can go fill them the little trinkets you got with them or go buy candy or fill with money and other stuff. Reminds me of plastic Easter eggs. And you’re done!

Making Memories: Twisted Felt Garland

This is so cool looking!

This a bit more complex than the rest of the of the decorations so I’ll make sure to take time to explain this one more.

This is from The Purl Bee(I love that name), who suggests to make a bracelet first to make you sure you don’t waste supplies. It starts by using a rotatory cutter to cut felt strips, any color or design you choose, in one inch strips. She suggests taking your time and doing this right, which should be the case with any project. For the bracelet you should cut it into ten inch strips. She then laid one red and white together and pinned on of the ends together. She then used her rotary cutter again to cut a two inch slice smack dab middle.

Precision is key!

You then make two more slits each one inch from the first slit. This should leave you with three strips,each one inch apart. You then take the pin out of the end and take that end through the top hole. Pull tight to be sure that it makes a nice V-shape to make sure the colors show to contrast. Continue this until the last hole. All that’s left is to trim your ends and make them even.

The first twist shown.

Now here’s the changes you need to make to have your garland!

  • Only have five slits at a time. Once you those five twisted, cut five more.
  • You’ll have to cut off more, the longer the strips the more the strip’s ends become uneven.
  • If you cut three strips of seventy-two inches, you will get a long enough garland, around six feet, just sew the ends together, being sure they are on the same side!

Making Memories: The Scrappy Ribbon Garland

Today’s decoration is garland! I love garland, it can just be so plain fancy (that’s contradicting hmm?) or just plain fun(So I’m not good with words). Point is, I believe in everything matching. If you have a theme, I’ll love how everything fits in together. The thing I love about this is you can customize the lights you use and the ribbon to match your tree perfecting. You can use all the fancy ribbon and tulle you can. Or you can choose to use leftover scraps of ribbon for a fun and colorful garland!

Isn't it just so colorful!?

Its from Whitney Caroline Designs. it apparently took two strands of lights and “several hours of tying and trimming.” It looks worth it to me!