Making Memories: Jingle All the Way

This is our first not tree decoration, and man is cute!

You will need a shadow box, Blue Eyed Blessing used 6 1/2″ x 6 1/2″, jingleĀ  bells of an assortment of different sizes including the tiny, a Christmas Jingle Bell vinyl, some ribbon, and scrapbook paper.

Start by putting the vinyl on the front of the box. You want to use something thing to apply it it, like a credit card. Then put the jingle bells into the shadow box via opening the back. Then put your scrapbook paper, all nice and cut to fit the box, in the back of the frame and tie the ribbon in a bow around your box. Then just shake the box to adjust your jingle bells, stand back and say a little prayer, and, Viola! There’s your Christmas decoration!