Making Memories: Wedding Invitation Ornament

Are you sensing a thing of memories yet? If you haven’t, don’t worry, because there’s more to come!

I love this because no matter how long time goes, twenty, thirty, sixty years, the memories of this day won’t fade. This is from Christy Robbins, who made this one for a friend. She cut the invitation into equal strips, making sure that the content was readable. She wrapped the the strips around a pen. If a think fancy paper is used, don’t worry, her’s was too.  It still curled! This could also be used for birth announcements and such. I love this!

You could use this and put charms that go go with your tree or like Christy did. She used a shell because it was a beach wedding. You could put strips of other colors to go with any theme.

Making Memories: Cookie Cutter Ornaments

This is a great way to incorporate the theme of your tree, and get some memories in your tree. You can put old or new family pictures inside, pictures of family events like weddings or a birth, or scrapbook paper. The sky is the limit.

According to Martha Stewart, these ornaments are inexpensive and seems quite easy. Just go buy some cheap cookie cutters!