Making Memories: Sassy Juice Top Photo Ornaments

Today’s is another fun photo ornament from The Crafting Chicks!

You will need..

  • Metal juice can top from frozen juice cans, two for each ornament
  • Circle design photos(will show a picture of example below), she used for digi scrapping and used the designer Creativity by Crystal.
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mod Podge
  • Ribbon

The front of the ornament will be the photo and the back will be a description of that year or person.

First cut out the front and back of your circle and use the mod podge to glue the front and back to two different juice tops, and put a layer of mod podge to seal the photos. While you’re waiting for those to dry, just attach some ribbon to let you hang it from the tree by using hot glue the ends to the inside of one of the tops. Once everything is dry put hot glue inside one of the juice tops and squeeze the two corresponding juice tops together really well. And there you have it! Cute ornaments!

Making Memories: Photo Christmas Ornament

Today’s DIY ornament is certainly full of memories because it includes pictures!
First you will want to print off whatever script you want and your photos in a way like below on 6 x 4 photo paper, which the tutorial from Scrappergirl does not give how to get into a photobooth strip. Maybe its easy and I’m just not technology savvy.

You will then want to cut them into 6 inch long strips and put the strips into an asterisk shape, making there is a strip across from each strip, like shown below. You will put a brad in the middle, holding each stripThen fold the pieces and connect them to a ball shape, taping and or stapling the bottom together. Then just add ribbon and the such to the top and Presto! You have a beautiful ornament!